August 2, 2019

Opportunities to Expand Inner Growth

August has arrived and has kept her seasonal promise to bring high heat and friction. In astrology, this is Leo season. The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, the king of all planetary energies. The sun is a masculine energy that signifies leadership, motivation, strength, power and vibrancy.

 When imbalances are present, the sun can bring agitation, anger, excess heat, manipulation, frustration and inflammation. This time of year is a reminder to lay low, avoid conflict, take time to reflect and retreat. If we come at the heat of this time with force that is what we will feel and receive in return. Nature and her energies are our best teachers.

When we become agitated and overwhelmed mentall...

July 2, 2019

Mindful Practices to Balance Pitta Dosha

Welcome Summer!  It feels so good to spend lots of time outdoors and enjoy the healing warmth of the sun. We wait all year for Summer to arrive, dreaming of farmers markets and beach days...With this time of year comes memories of travel, time with friends, beautiful sunsets and family vacations.

As we head into the heart of Pitta season it is important to remember that it is easy to get overheated when we go against the laws of nature. Composed of the elements fire and water, pitta is moist, oily, hot, light, intense and energetic. This time of year can manifest in the body as agitation, acidic stomach, flaring temper and skin irritations.

Ayurveda teaches us that “like increases...

April 9, 2019

During the winter months, we tend to stay indoors more, turn inward and conserve our energy. We cultivate a human hibernation to allow for extra rest and adding a layer of strength. When Spring arrives, the soil begins to warm, the trees start to bud, the crocus bloom, the birds sing and the aroma of new life surrounds us. We mimic nature, as we slowly awaken from the stillness of winter, igniting within us a desire for rebirth!

Each day brings the promise of renewal and Spring shows us how it's done. Nature and animals do not dwell in the past but stay present in the moment and create space for future growth. May this beauty that surrounds us in all living things, inspire us to plant seeds and manifest goals for o...

February 1, 2019

You CAN Meditate

Learn Heart-based Meditation 

Have you been wanting to learn an effortless meditation practice ?

Or Maybe you have a meditation practice but you are not feeling the benefits outside of the meditation...

Even if you have struggled with meditation before, you CAN learn a simple technique that works in harmony with the nature of your own mind.

Did you know that audio meditations or courses on meditation apps are NOT real meditation? I know many people love these apps and enjoy the guided meditations, but the audios keep your mind on the external. Audio meditations can indeed be relaxing to listen to, so they can help in shifting your state, however, they are not getting past the thoughts to the source of all thinki...

January 1, 2019

Happy 2019!

A NEW year is on the horizon 

and it promises to be transformational!

As a species, our planet is now officially past 

the age of information gathering. 

We are now in a time of massive change.  

The question is:  are you evolving?

In the silent moments we can REFLECT on what has passed, 

be PRESENT with what is, and PREPARE for what is to come. 

 2018’s experiences and lessons will guide you to 2019’s journey.

It is essential at this time more than ever for all humanity to 

AWAKEN on your path of self discovery.

"It takes endure the sharp pains of 

self discovery,...

December 22, 2018

On this Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, lets talk about ways to embrace the season by adding or renewing daily practices that will keep you grounded, balanced and healthy.

Self study will lead you towards the answer that is right for you. 

For optimal health this Winter, start with looking at your immune and digestive systems. Take a look at your past 5 years. Colds, infections, viruses, dis-ease, digestive discomfort, etc. 

What has your most recent blood and medical tests revealed. 

Any deficiencies or problem areas?

What happened before and after an illness, from the foods you were eating to your environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual diet.

How did your body respond to the healing approach...

November 12, 2018

Stress, breakdown and burnout have become all too familiar. This powerful daily practice can transform your life in just 7 days.

September 22, 2018

Late Summer's bounty has begun to turn into Fall's gorgeous harvest. This beautiful and spiritual time of year is abound in all its color and light. The sun streaming in so uniquely through the no other time of year. Reminding us that the light within us also calls for a new harvest, transition and deep exploration. This time of year is a reminder of a fresh start and a new season. Although the calendar year does not change, our bodies and souls signal to us, the desire for transformation. As always nature's intelligence is our model. When we celebrate and embrace this transition, a new layer will reveal itself with life's incredible bounty of renewed health & self love. If we so step closer to our soul...

August 6, 2018

Welcome to the heart of Summer! The peak of Pitta season has arrived in all her fire, warmth and glory.  Luscious greens, colorful lilies, zinnias, morning glory, and daisies of every variety. The farmers markets are flowing with fresh local fruits and vegetables. Sun and Abundance!  One thing that has been consistent this Summer here in the North East is the water element. Humidity in Pitta season along the coast is often predictable, but this year we have had regularity of overflowing rains. This moisture has helped to keep the soil happy and prevent excessive dryness as we head into August.  It is fascinating to observe how each season, year to year, brings something new.  Every day and minute an opportunity to observe change...

June 5, 2018

June is the month that brings the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  

We will experience the longest day of sunlight in all twelve months. Many cultures celebrate this day.  In Ayurveda we bow to the sun with gratitude for its many abundant qualities of life, love, fire, happiness & desire. 108 Sun Salutations upon Sunrise is my favorite way to honor this day. May we take advantage of the extra sunlight and allow it to motivate us towards our internal and external life goals.  

A morning routine is the most important aspect to begin our day in a positive way. The early morning is the most sacred time of day. The way you start your day will determine how the remaining hours u...

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