Corporate Wellness


Many businesses today are adding wellness and mindfulness programs to their employee assistance offerings.  With stress rates, depression, and addiction rates on the rise, now is the time to focus on your organization’s most valuable resource…YOUR people.  With so much out there to choose from, which wellness program is right for your company?   

In order to determine what is the best fit, we must first ascertain your employee’s wellness temperature. Regardless of what you think may fit for your employees and the company culture, it all depends are where they are currently at. Some departments may find the majority of their employees exercising and eating healthy, other departments may have employees with higher stress level and little or no self care routine. There is also an unknown, which plays into all of this…Life outside of the work environment. Our assessments take all of these factors into account from work life, to social, relationships, physical, emotional, mental health and spiritual health.

Our recommendation is to schedule a “5 Elements of Wellness Success” assessment. During this       4-hour assessment we will collect data first from team leaders, evaluating wellness level across all departments.  We will interview HR leadership to determine the company culture and wellness goals, as well as each department leader. We will develop surveys to collect wellness data and administer anonymous surveys.  We will use well-researched technology and studies to determine the proper survey outline.

Following the initial team leader interviews, we will analyze the current wellness program and identify inconsistencies or deficiencies. Lastly, we will take a look at the team aspect of wellness and share the top 5-wellness program strategies for the most creative and successful companies in the world.

Using the information collected from each of the 5 elements, our team will be able to put together an effective plan for wellness program development, by first addressing current needs of employees that may be holding back team production and creativity.  The four hour process and full wellness report will incorporate all aspects of wellness from mindfulness and creativity, to physical and emotional well-being. The process will allow our team to create a personalized wellness plan to assist in achieving your organization’s goals.

For more information or to schedule your wellness assessment, please contact Kathy Katts at or call 203.685.2024.

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