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Awareness & Visualization Program for Physical & Mental Performance
  • Breathing Practices: Enhance mental awareness, flexibility and reduce pain.  Proper breath reduces injuries, neutralizes physical sensations and helps players to get in "the flow" and "the zone". The breath increases focus and awareness and allows the mind to observe thoughts, rather than becoming victim to them. To step back and allow the truth to reveal itself.  Create space between stimulus and response.  Instead of embellishing our perception with fears and thoughts.
  • Visualization: Empowers players to cultivate belief changing strategies that set them up for success.  It teaches them how to process fearful or negative visuals and replace them with expansiveness and success.  Understanding that how we choose to think has an impact on the result (A negative thought creates a 50% reduction of energy in the body).
  • Maximizing Energy: This applies to the physical and mental bodies.  Using our effort in an enthusiastic and poised purpose.  Effort is just the application regardless of the result.  It has to be balanced by wisdom, intuition and direct experience.  Building each individuals knowingness to help balance physical and mental effort.  Poised effort gives us steadiness of mind.  What the athlete is doing and why...
TEAM Benefits:  Humans are social beings.  These practices for athletes are highly beneficial learned as a group. Teaching players and athletes how to breath together, hear one another's breathe. ONE BREATH and commit to EXCELLENCE for yourself and each other. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Competing with YOUR BEST SELF.  Not the other team. RAISE SELF WITH SELF. All players learn to move like fingers on a hand.  The strength is in the WE.
Please contact Kathy Katts at or call 203.685.2024 for pricing.
"Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In that response lies our growth and our freedom."
~ Victor E. Frankl
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