Spiritual Growth and Personal Development Online Courses

A global pandemic or geographic location does not have to impede your spiritual growth & personal development. 


In fact, there are more opportunities than ever for spiritual growth and personal development. When we come together in consciousness as a community, amazing vibration is created making transformation possible. Learn from the comfort of your own home with other like minded souls.


If you could have done it on your own, then you already would have…. Lets face it, doing anything alone is just that…Lonely.  All humans can make change happen when they have direct support.  It is all too common today that people today are struggling to develop proper health practices, maintain a healthy weight, develop inner growth, restructure your belief system,  have less fear, sleep well, and experience more joy in all areas of life. Traditional medicine and diet is not working for many. Each individual has a unique constitution and make up. Science and data have proven that a holistic approach to wellness, health and spirituality can allow for life changing shifts which have HUGE changes on an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Ayurveda, Spiritual and Life development strategies, meditation and mindfulness techniques are VERY powerful to enhance health, raise awareness, build intuition, grow your consciousness level, enhance life contentment and improve relationships. In doing so we reduce stress, body weight, burn out, boredom, fatigue, ungroundedness, negative energy, illness and unhappiness. 

Practice and accountability is KEY to success.  First we need the KNOWLEDGE and the TOOLS to learn HOW, second is to TAKE ACTION. The most important STEP to reap the benefits is consistent PRACTICE under the guidance of an advanced and experienced healer. You DO NOT have to do it alone…