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Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling 

Are you looking to deepen your inner growth and overcome the blocks that prevent you from living a fulfilled life of true joy ?  
If you have tried many forms of counseling, health plans and psychotherapy and inner peace still evades you...then it’s likely you have not yet gotten to the root cause.  At Inner Source Ayurveda, we will help you to identify the root and dispel the myths that the everlasting search for connection to your truth is only a dream or lifetimes away.
Utilizing all of the modalities of Ayurveda – beyond diet and lifestyle – we will Dive Deep...We will assess, evaluate and design a personalized healing blueprint using the tenements of Ayurvedic Psychology, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Vedic Astrology, Heart-based Meditation, Reiki healing, Breath work and Ayurvedic Yoga.
You will be able to understand what is truly at the root of your obstacles and gain the inner transformational skills needed to permanently overcome those blocks. 

Contact Kathy for pricing. 

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In private Inner Source Spiritual Counseling programs, you receive valuable tools and directives you need to advance your inner growth, overcome life obstacles, balance the physical body and create a customized blueprint to transform your life.





TWO 60-Minute private sessions per month + bi-weekly directives, 6-month commitment

This program is for individuals who are seriously committed to their mind, body and spirit. These clients are seeking permanent change now and an advanced level of teaching and techniques. Together we will work on beliefs restructuring, peeling back the layers to change past habits and allowing in the skills that will transform your life. We will use techniques through the modalities of Ayurveda Health Counseling, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, Heart-based Meditation, Vedic Astrology, Reiki Healing & Intuitive guidance. This program clears and balances the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks to healing. You will receive bi-weekly written email plan and directives. This is the most popular program and creates best results by far because you have more access to private coaching and guidance from me. You will also have access to group meditation sessions. Private coaching can be done in person or via phone or zoom.



ONE 60-Minute private session per month + by-weekly directives, 6 month commitment     


Created for “graduates” of The Transformation Program who feel they have done most of the ground work for the spiritual development and simply need occasional support. We continue to apply all techniques through the modalities of Ayurveda health counseling, meditation, Vedic astrology, & Reiki Healing.  You will also have access to monthly group meditation sessions and Q & A calls.

Included on this Healing Journey is:
Physiological Assessment and Balancing Skills – We will utilize pulse diagnosis and dosha balancing methods (herbology and lifestyle changes) to create the proper conditions for transformation.
Beliefs & Transformation Skills – We will apply belief restructuring as well as language and reality model restructuring. This process will break the patterns of negative behaviors and allow you to cultivate a new reality.
Higher Reality Skills – We will assess the influence of the distant past (karma) and the energetic influence of the planets (Jyotish) on the individual life, as well as the higher purpose and evolution of the individual.
Relationship Skills – Develop skills in the subtle energies and understand the polarities of masculine and feminine, the ability to foster trust, forgiveness, acceptance, and passion in relationships.
Consciousness Development Skills – Practice and learn Heart-based Meditation, an effortless, mantra-based meditation that facilitates the rapid development of consciousness. Building Intuition will be key to this process in cultivating the higher-self (inner knowing) to aid in change and transformation.
Subtle Energy Work – We will assess the chakras, get energetic information, and use Reiki Healing to heal unbalanced chakras. We will use various breath and asana practices to aid in this balancing.



          If you could have done it on your own, then you already would have…. Lets face it, doing anything alone is just that…Lonely.  All humans learn better when they have direct support.  Many people today are struggling to develop spiritual inner growth, have less fear, get healthy, sleep well, lose weight and experience more joy in all areas of life. Traditional medicine and diet is not working for many. Each individual has a unique constitution and make up. Science and data have proven that a holistic approach to wellness and spirituality through the science of meditation and mindfulness  can have HUGE changes on an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

         Life Coaching and spiritual development techniques are VERY powerful to remove blocks to healing, raise awareness, build intuition, grow your consciousness level, enhance life contentment, health, focus, clarity, creativity and relationships. In doing so we reduce stress, burn out, boredom, fatigue, ungroundedness, negative energy, illness and unhappiness. Practice and accountability is KEY to success.  First we need the KNOWLEDGE and the TOOLS to learn HOW, second is to TAKE ACTION. The most important STEP to reap the benefits is consistent PRACTICE under the guidance of an advanced and experienced healer.  You DO NOT have to do it alone…


  • INCREASE in awareness, intuition, health, clarity, focus and creativity.

  • DECREASE in stress, burn out, boredom, fatigue, injury, unhappiness and negative energy.

  • IMPROVED  connection to self, increase in consciousness level, mental clarity, joy for life and relationships.

  • DIMINISHED sadness, loneliness, insomnia, ungroundedness, illness and confusion.

Contact Kathy for pricing. 

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