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REPARENTING YOUR INNER CHILD Come on a journey of reparenting to identify & heal your childhood wounds, break free from generational trauma & empower your higher self. In this meditation program you will learn how to: Identify and connect with your Inner Child Understand the fundamentals of effective Re-Parenting Recognize your Inner Child archetype Integrate essential practices to Healing yourself Identify the signs your inner child is Healing This program will help you to explore & heal the wounds in your subconscious mind to transform your inner child into an empowered, creative and joyful adult. On this journey we combine somatic explorations with a deep dive into the silence and and powerful vibration of Heart-based Meditation. Community & support is an essential component for our spiritual growth. Starts Feb. 1, 2023 $29.99 Monthly (3 month commitment) or $39.99 One time purchase The Inner Source meditation community is where you can: Cultivate daily inner work Inspirational daily quotes & monthly themes Group Accountability Monthly group kick off meetings to meet members, ask questions LIVE online group guided meditations 3 times each week Receive distance Reiki each day of the month Experience the support of a safe, loving, nourishing group of spiritual beings

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