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HEART-BASED MEDITATION will teach you an easy technique that works in sync with the nature of your mind.  It is an effortless practice using a two syllable personalized mantra to help you transcend your thoughts.


With this practice, you will learn not to over effort or “try” for experience.  

Through a series of breathing practices and teachings of how consciousness works, you will learn how the thoughts help us to purify the mind. You will come to understand the art of Letting Go...


Over the last 20 years I have tried many types of meditation practices, it was when I began a practice of Heart-based Meditation that my life transformed in ways I could never imagine…


At Inner Source Ayurveda our deepest desire is to end suffering for all. It is our intention to help as many people as possible to experience the life-changing benefits of this meditation practice.  We want to help you grow and evolve to reach your greatest potential.


As each one of us heals and transforms our own lives, we assist in healing all those around us.  It is time to let go of the stress, anxiety, depression, anger...NOW is the time to cultivate a life with more love, relaxation, awareness, joy, fulfillment, clarity.  


The practice of Heart-based meditation will allow you to discover accelerated inner growth is possible NOW!


Individualized meditation teaching is offered as part of Ayurvedic Spiritual Counseling packages. 

You may inquire by email or take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute strategy session.

Complimentary group online workshops are offered periodically. Join Email list to stay updated.


  • BODY & BRAIN HEALTH - Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, reduces heart attacks, improves sleep, balances reproductive health, enhances memory, decreases anxiety & stress

  • CONTENTMENT for Life and improves RELATIONSHIPS

  • Regulates SELF-CONTROL, decreases anger and frustration

  • Increases PRODUCTIVITY and Career SUCCESS 

  • Helps to Grow your INTUITION 

  • EVOLVE in your spiritual well being

  • Gives the body & mind DEEP REST and a time out 

  • Enhanced CLARITY and greater AWARENESS

Heart-based Meditation Course & Retreat Testimonials

"It is not dramatic to say that Kathy’s heart-based meditation course has changed my life!  Finally, this is a practice that resonates so clearly with me, that is based in love and joy, and that truly teaches you how to let go and live in the moment.  Plus Kathy is amazing - loving and supportive and so giving!  I am meditating on a daily basis and looking forward to it, I am becoming clear on how and why I react to life’s situations, and I am making positive, nurturing changes that everyone around me can see.  I highly recommend Kathy’s heart-based meditation course - you will not be sorry!"


  ~ Dr. Sheila Blachman

"This heart based meditation is a must have in everyone’s daily life and is life changing. If you are having problems expressing your feelings in a positive way, without having boundaries, then this meditation is most definitely for you. You learn so much everyday with the daily videos. I was excited to listen to the daily videos with Kathy. I am very sad that this is over. However, I’m grateful for the tools I have attained that will help me through the different flows of life. I believe my heart chakra is less blocked than it used to be and believe me it can be very blocked. Thank you so much Kathy and I look forward to joining more programs that you offer. Also, Kathy has a great vibe of love, compassion, understanding and realness. This is what you need from a person in your life when you are working on you! Again, thank you."

~ Khadijah Muhammad -  Chef

"I could never have predicted how much spiritual, mental, and emotional growth I would experience in just a few short days. Nor could I have predicted the deep connections I would feel with each of my fellow attendees. Whether you are looking to relieve some pressure in your life, clear your head, deepen your meditation practice, and/or explore your path on your spiritual journey, you will come away from this retreat with your mind, body, and spirit lifted. A truly transformative experience--highly, highly recommend." 


~Charlotte Roth, Weston, CT, Musician 

"The setting, the people and Kathy, the facilitator could not have been more ideal for deepening the practice. I will embrace and remember it always as a time of reflection and letting go.


~Shiela, Wilton, CT

"Kathy, I want to express my gratitude for your love and dedication for what you do and what you are passing onto others for the betterment of this world. You have seriously helped me with my meditation practice and now feels like something I cannot go without!! Many thanks and heartfelt appreciation!" 

~Debra Nelson, Southbury, CT

"Working with Kathy allowed me to recognize that most of my fears and insecurities were linked to my belief system. I realized that growing up I had shaped a belief system for myself that was disempowering and that was creating a lot of anxieties. I also realized that my inner-self had always wanted me to grow and that, somehow, I was on the right path, following my soul. Discovering the importance of the “belief system” was eye-opening. Thanks to the tools Kathy introduced, I realized that when applied properly and consistently I could be more confident, more centered and more joyful. The meditation practice I started with Kathy had a great impact on me. I immediately felt the benefit of a morning meditation practice. It was like giving my inner-self what it was craving for."


~Hélène Roy, Rye, NY, Freelance

"I have been working with Kathy for over a year and a half. I had been on a spiritual journey for the past 20 years but had wanted to delve deeper into my spiritual practices, develop my intuition and heal old wounds and fears that have impacted my emotional health. Since working with Kathy, I have developed a regular meditation practice. She has taught me Heart-based meditation that has brought more peace and connection to my life. She is helping me to explore how my beliefs impact my feelings. As a result, I have more patience with others during difficult situations. My future goals are to continue to see all things as opportunities for growth I want to transform my relationship to loss and manage fears associated with it. With Kathy’s steady support and wisdom, I am confident that I can meet those goals. Words cannot describe the impact that she has had in my life. Kathy is a gifted healer whose compassion shines through to all who meet her .I would highly recommend her to a friend with a rating of 10 on a 1 to 10 scale."

~ Carol DeNomme, Prospect, CT, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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