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DEVELOPING YOUR INTUITION When you learn to how to tap into your intuition, you align your body, mind and spirit in its highest expression. You awaken your truth from the source to experience a deep sense of knowing and an effusive joy that is not dependent an anything external. Meditation, combined with community & inner growth practices can transform your life as you know it now. Are you looking for the support of a community with access to live meditations, breath work, and daily guidance? Look no further! Come learn how this connection from within is always present in our lives to guide us to the next part of our evolutionary process and towards our true potential. ✨ Understand what intuition is & why it is important in our lives ✨ Learn how to connect more readily with your inner wisdom ✨ Connect within the subtle energies of the body, mind & spirit ✨ Learn the exact steps to declutter your mind and enhance your awareness ✨ Integrate a powerful, effortless meditation practice to reveal the doorway to your intuition at the source The Inner Source meditation Community: Cultivate daily inner work Inspirational daily quotes & monthly themes Group Accountability Monthly group kick off meetings to meet members, ask questions LIVE online group guided meditations 3 times each week Experience the support of a safe, loving, nourishing group of spiritual beings

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