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AWAKEN YOUR LIFE FORCE As nature prepares to bloom so must YOU! We are all part of nature. Spring always comes after winter. Every year of our lives we are different…This year how will you awaken vitality from within ? Meditation, combined with community & inner growth practices can transform your life as you know it now. Have you tried meditation programs in the past & struggled to stick with them? Are you looking for the support of a community with access to live meditations, breath work, and daily guidance? Look no further! Come learn how this meditation program can reveal to you everything you need to feel alive, aligned, energized with serenity and presence of mind. ✨ Learn a variety of powerful pranayama (Breath work) practices to calm the mind & prepare the body for meditation ✨ Discover the top health protocol practices to balance the physical body ✨ Acquire knowledge of mindset hacks to rewire your brain for vitality ✨ Identify life force in your environment & how to generate more ✨ Understand the power of decision making to create joy, happiness & aliveness. The Inner Source meditation community is where you can: Cultivate daily inner work Inspirational daily quotes & monthly themes Group Accountability Monthly group kick off meetings to meet members, ask questions LIVE online group guided meditations 3 times each week Experience the support of a safe, loving, nourishing group of spiritual beings

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