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A YEAR IN REFLECTION Reflection is an important part of a healthy lifestyle & a key ingredient to cultivate more growth. In December's program we will focus on how to expand on the positives & the progress you have made in 2022. The key to manifesting what you want in 2023 is awareness. Community & support is an essential component for our spiritual growth. In order to drop into Meditation and experience the benefits we need 3 things: 1. To understand & experience how to LET GO in the body & the mind. 2. Community to help support us, and stay accountable. 3. Consistent practice. We begin again Thurs, December, 1, 2022 ! Less than $1.00 a day for monthly members! The Inner Source monthly meditation group is a community where you can: ✨ Cultivate daily inner work ✨ Be inspired with daily quotes & monthly themes to support your daily practice & keep you accountable ✨Come together for monthly kick off meetings, meet group members & Q & A’s ✨ LIVE online group guided meditations 3 times each week. Group meditations help you to drop deeper into meditation. ✨Access to the Inner Source Heart-based Meditation Training Course ✨Receive distance Reiki each day of the month. ✨ Members discounted pricing to monthly in person gatherings ✨ Experience the support of a safe, loving, nourishing group of spiritual beings. All participants new to Heart-based Meditation are required to complete Day 1 & 2 of the Heart Based Meditation Online FREE Training Course.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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