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Executive Level Performance and Life Coaching
Have you ever had the feeling that although you have achieved success in your career and family life you are still unable to experience true inner joy?
At Inner Source Ayurveda, we offer dynamic coaching for executives to enhance career performance and life fulfillment.
Executive Level Performance and Life Coaching, will provide personalized services to manage your schedule, performance, health, exercise, spirituality, life and professional goals. Our work together will include intervention strategies and custom tailored consciousness blueprints to accelerate your inner growth. 
Executives will have access the following:
  • Physiological Assessment and Health Plan – We will assess health through the 5000 year old Holistic Science of Ayurveda using pulse assessment and health history.   A personalized diet and exercise plan will be given including herbology and lifestyle changes to create the proper conditions for transformation. Healing modalities included are:  Ayurvedic health plan including cleanse and detox programs, meditation training, Reiki Healing and Yoga. 
  • Strategic Intervention – We will expand your strengths and develop a plan to overcome challenges. We will introduce skills to create action plans for change in any area of your life. Your custom tailored consciousness blueprint will be a resource to support growth.
  • Transformation Skills – We will apply belief restructuring as well as language and reality model restructuring. This process will break the patterns of negative behaviors and habits which have affected peak career and life performance. Through commitment and trust we will work together to cultivate awareness and achieve results.
  • Personalized Spiritual Counseling – One-on-one support to help executives to live life at their fullest potential.  This union will help you to experience wholeness and oneness. We will take a deep dive into meditation and intuition practice. This journey will help you to  Discover your Truth, Believe your Worth and Transform your Life.
We will accomplish the totality of results by employing belief changing strategies, consciousness and mindset mastery. This plan will strengthen mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health to align with lifestyle and business schedule. 
The goal is to bring the executive to equanimity and living life at their optimal level of functionality. The results of this union will allow them to realize enhanced productivity, creativity, clarity, vision, health, energy & love of life in every way.
Please contact Kathy Katts at or call 203.685.2024 for pricing.
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