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May YOU Blossom

May brings the beauty of new life, a full blossoming in the physical and spiritual worlds. As this enchantment of growth ignites within ourselves and in the environment may we experience the manifestation in all areas of life.

May means new possibilities. I invite you to discover the powerful energy of this season. Allow May to be the month you reach your desires and goals. It is a time of year to go the extra distance; whether it be in the physical body, in relationships, work projects or a spiritual awakening. This is the month to begin that journey and move your goals into action. Choose the path. Ignite, lift off, dare to try a new rd, ask questions,be unafraid.

“I am the Soul in the body, the Mind in the senses, the Eagle amongbirds, the Lion among animals. Among all the trees I am the sacred Bodhi tree, and of the seasons, I am Spring”.

~ Bhagavad Gita

Ayurveda, or ‘life knowledge’ is all about finding equanimity,and empowering each person’s internal environment (the body and mind) to function harmoniously with their external environment (the outside world). Living in alignment with the seasons allows us to cultivate optimal health and wellbeing. Understanding your personal constitution helps to balance mindset,sleep,the immune system and digestive pathways.

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