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Five Best Practices to Begin your Day this June

June is the month that brings the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

We will experience the longest day of sunlight in all twelve months. Many cultures celebrate this day. In Ayurveda we bow to the sun with gratitude for its many abundant qualities of life, love, fire, happiness & desire. 108 Sun Salutations upon Sunrise is my favorite way to honor this day. May we take advantage of the extra sunlight and allow it to motivate us towards our internal and external life goals. A morning routine is the most important aspect to begin our day in a positive way. The early morning is the most sacred time of day. The way you start your day will determine how the remaining hours unfold. A morning routine is essential. Here are 5 daily practices, (best done in the am), which will improve your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state:

1. Gratitude. Acknowledge 3 things you are grateful for, visualize them using all five senses.

2. Breath. Spend 3-5 minutes each day in deep breathing. Listen to the sound of the inhale and the exhale.

3. Meditate. Practice quieting the mind every day for 10 minutes or more.

4. Exercise. Move the body in a way that feels good. If you love it, it will nourish you.

5. Journaling. Scribe your thoughts, goals, inspirations & accomplishments each day.

The beach, nature and all water sources is an amazing place to spend time during the Summer months. Walking during sunrise and sunset nourishes the body and aligns with the doshas. We must respect the power of the sun. Being out in the high heat of the day will leave many of us (especially Pitta types) feeling overheated, frustrated and moody. Enjoy nature during the cooler times of day and establish practices and exercise that keep the body temperature balanced.

"I will be waiting here.... For your silence to break, For your soul to shake, For your love to wake!” ~ Rumi, The Essential Rumi

June welcomes the beginning of Pitta season and the close of Kapha season. The air is nicely filled with moisture and the warmth of Summer is approaching. The humidity keeps the air lubricated and allows the muscles to enjoy the benefits of the season. Let us begin to be mindful of the Pitta pacifying practices during hot days. Enjoy the fresh seasonal veggies now coming up at our local farmers markets. Relish in farm fresh produce and support your neighborhood farms.

What grows from the soil is good for the soul!

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