Harvest, Transition & Exploration this Autumn

Late Summer's bounty has begun to turn into Fall's gorgeous harvest. This beautiful and spiritual time of year is abound in all its color and light. The sun streaming in so uniquely through the no other time of year. Reminding us that the light within us also calls for a new harvest, transition and deep exploration. This time of year is a reminder of a fresh start and a new season. Although the calendar year does not change, our bodies and souls signal to us, the desire for transformation. As always nature's intelligence is our model. When we celebrate and embrace this transition, a new layer will reveal itself with life's incredible bounty of renewed health & self love. If we so step closer to our soul's true purpose.

I invite you to embrace the transition this Autumn with our annual Fall Cleanse. For me personally, Fall is always my deeper cleanse...As a pitta / vata type, I look forward to shedding the pitta from the Summer months and balancing my vata as we head into the vata season. vata is the queen of the doshas because she gives rise to all movement in the universe. Inside us, it is connected to the nervous system and anywhere there is bodily motion—even the movement of our thoughts. The main qualities of vata are moving, light, subtle, changing, quick, and dry. Without movement we will remain stagnant. To truly live, we must move with fluidity and we must grow.

Join the 21-Day Fall 2018 Cleanse for renewal, growth and transformation.There will be a limited number of cleanse kits so reserve your kit today! You don't want to miss this annual opportunity to transform your body, mind and soul. New added bonuses included! Begins Tuesday, October 23rd and ends Tuesday November 13th. Dates can be shifted to fit your schedule.

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Private group Yoga & Meditation classes will be offered for cleanse participants as part of the Fall Cleanse Transformation Package!

Ayurveda Workshop

Its Fundamentals & Healing Power

Come join us to learn about Ayurveda & the Fall cleanse for seasonal transition

~ The Yoga Shala in Ridgefield, CT ~

Sunday 10/21/18 ~ 3:30-5:30pm

$40 by 10/17 ~ $50 thereafter

Ayurvedic food tasting & handouts are included

Register in advance online at :

Ayurveda, known as yoga's sister science, is a consciousness based, holistic approach to optimal health and prevention of disease, incorporating the elements of nature. Together, yoga and Ayurveda are a system of healing & consciousness.

"Each morning we are born again.

What we do TODAY is what matters MOST."

~ Buddha

Kathy Katts

Ayurveda Practitioner

Life & Wellness Coach

Spiritual Counselor

Reiki Master Teacher

Meditation Instructor

RYT- 200

Inner Source Ayurveda


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