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You CAN Meditate

You CAN Meditate

Learn Heart-based Meditation

Have you been wanting to learn an effortless meditation practice ?

Or Maybe you have a meditation practice but you are not feeling the benefits outside of the meditation...

Even if you have struggled with meditation before, you CAN learn a simple technique that works in harmony with the nature of your own mind.

Did you know that audio meditations or courses on meditation apps are NOT real meditation? I know many people love these apps and enjoy the guided meditations, but the audios keep your mind on the external. Audio meditations can indeed be relaxing to listen to, so they can help in shifting your state, however, they are not getting past the thoughts to the source of all thinking. True meditation goes inward to contact the source and go beyond all thought, feeling and sensation.

In Heart-based meditation we use a vibrational, energetic mantra as the vehicle to deliver the mind to the quiet. This personalized mantra that is chosen for you has no meaning, but instead holds a vibration by which we can effortlessly let go. If we think about the meaning of a mantra or intention during meditation, then we don’t go beyond the thinking mind.

In Heart-based meditation we can set an intention before the meditation and then let it go to transcend the thoughts. The turn essence of meditation will help us to purify our thoughts. With the cleansing comes the stillness.

My Seeking is coming to an end &

My finding is beginning

"Meditation is the key to getting to that higher state which allows your problems to be readily solved.

It is where the seeking comes to finding."

~ Dr. Paul Dugliss

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