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SPRING ReBirth Reset your Body in Tune with Nature

During the winter months, we tend to stay indoors more, turn inward and conserve our energy. We cultivate a human hibernation to allow for extra rest and adding a layer of strength. When Spring arrives, the soil begins to warm, the trees start to bud, the crocus bloom, the birds sing and the aroma of new life surrounds us. We mimic nature, as we slowly awaken from the stillness of winter, igniting within us a desire for rebirth!

Each day brings the promise of renewal and Spring shows us how it's done. Nature and animals do not dwell in the past but stay present in the moment and create space for future growth. May this beauty that surrounds us in all living things, inspire us to plant seeds and manifest goals for our body, mind and spirit. Let us embrace Spring as a personal time of renewal.

Here are 5 ways to renew this season:

DETOX Inside and Out

Spring cleaning is not only about cleaning your home, it is also about cleansing all areas of your life. While spring is a good time to wash your windows, it’s also a key time of year to release all that no longer serves your home, body and life. Slowly begin purge anything that may be clogging or cluttering your space. For the home, donate those old clothes and furniture that are weighing down your environment. For the body, slowly wean yourself off of heavy and processed foods moving toward a more whole foods natural diet. For the mind, release old worries by setting new intentions for Spring.

MOVE your Body

What is the movement you love most? Lace up your sneakers, walk the dog, get to that yoga class or sign up for those dance lessons you have been thinking about for years. Better yet, take a walk and smell the flowers blooming along the way. Walking is the most natural and gentle way to move your body and clear your mind, while bringing you into the present moment. Studies show that walking 20 minutes a day is proven for longevity. 100 steps a day for 100 years of life.

Spend Time in NATURE

Spending time among natural environments has remarkable benefits for the body and mind. Time in nature eases anxiety and depression and cultivates contentment for life. Did you know that being in nature has a high vibration that can produce brain waves similar to those experienced while meditating?

RENEW your Spirit

Have you been wanting to add a daily meditation practice? Doing so would be one of the most nurturing gifts to yourself. A daily personal meditation practice will provide the quiet time each day that is essential to equanimity of the mind. Did you know that your nervous system never stops growing ? Even until your last breaths. An inward practice regenerates the energetic pathways in the body. Other fulfilling practices for the spirit are journaling, reading an inspirational book, yoga and energy healing.

RESTORE your Health and Well-being

When is the last time you took an inventory of your diet, exercise routine, and your stress level? Now is the time to evaluate your status. Consider a Spring detoxification program. This could be anything from removing sugar, caffeine and alcohol to consuming only whole foods and detoxifying herbal teas for a set period of time. The cleansing process increases your vital energy and resets your metabolism. Observe how you feel after eating certain foods. Eating consciously changes the way food is digested into the body and the mind.

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