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Moving Forward

Opportunities to Expand Inner Growth

August has arrived and has kept her seasonal promise to bring high heat and friction. In astrology, this is Leo season. The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, the king of all planetary energies. The sun is a masculine energy that signifies leadership, motivation, strength, power and vibrancy.

When imbalances are present, the sun can bring agitation, anger, excess heat, manipulation, frustration and inflammation. This time of year is a reminder to lay low, avoid conflict, take time to reflect and retreat. If we come at the heat of this time with force that is what we will feel and receive in return. Nature and her energies are our best teachers.

When we become agitated and overwhelmed mentally or physically, we enter into a suffering state. We can take a lesson from nature. A cobra needs to shed its skin in order to allow for growth. They experience pain and are unable to see clearly during this process. The cobra will choose to isolate itself until the skin is shed. We all must have a shedding process when we suffer. All that we have accumulated is sitting on us. We feel uncomfortable in our own skin. The external experiences and environment around us are simply triggers. Our unprocessed physical and emotional experiences create the actual suffering. Our vision becomes blurred and we may feel triggered by the environment, foods and the energies of others.

Anger, sadness, fear and suffering can happen when we have not yet released pain from our past. Add limiting beliefs that were ingrained from a suffering society and family culture. Now you have the perfect storm. Heat may also accumulate in the body when taking in the wrong foods and experiences with too much of a heating quality. These imbalances may all rear its head during this time of year. When we stay in the past, we continue to suffer. When we choose not to break the imbalanced food and environmental patterns we continue to experience the same results. If we do not create a shedding process for ourselves, we will prolong our own discomfort and hurt those around us whom we love.

There are only two states:

A suffering state and a beautiful state. Self healing and evolution will manifest into a positive result when we let go of the past and understand how to live in a beautiful state. A beautiful state is when your beliefs and your higher purpose connect with an intention of joy, harmony and love.

The KEY to our growth in all areas is to process our own suffering, to free yourself of your inner critic, past experiences and destructive patterns.

We must NOT be motivated by ideals created by a former society that suffered and still suffers, we must be inspired by a greater purpose.

Pain is part of GROWTH.

Suffering is OPTIONAL.

A BEAUTIFUL state is a choice.

If you want to learn more about creating your own process to move through your suffering into a beautiful state, see upcoming workshops. Consider joining one of my upcoming events this Fall or reach out to me for information on my individual coaching and self healing programs.

Sending you love & healing energy,


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