How Nature and the Seasons Teach Us How to Transform

The one thing we can count on in this life is change. We are living, breathing beings of nature and nature is always in flow. How we choose to navigate among the flow of life will dictate our experiences.

As human beings we differ from nature due to the element of our minds. Our minds have the ability to perceive anything it likes in a variety of different ways. Since we know this is the case, then how do we decipher truth from fiction? The mind can manifest beauty, illusion and distortion. Every person we come into contact with can look at one single image and have a completely different perception and experience.

One of the things that can distort reality is when we are out of alignment with nature. Nature can teach us so much about ourselves and how to grow without suffering. When we fight or ignore nature's operating system, this creates internal pressure, discomfort and pain.

It is our decisions that change the way we perceive and experience life. We control the decisions we make. So when suffering comes in to day to day life, it is essential we look to our life choices to inform us.

Lets reflect on summer as we get ready to close out the season. In Ayurveda we define the qualities of summer as fire & water. The sun is closer to the earth, so temperatures rise and the planet heats up. Fire is the heat, rajas, and the active sharp action we utilize to execute and transform. Fire leads the way as the predominant dosha of summer and water plays a supporting role. The extent to which water (flow) that supports fire in summer is dependent upon balance of the elements.

In order to experience balance and flow in the summer season, we must honor and be in tune with nature.The heat of summer requires cooling to balance.The sharp, rajas (active) qualities of the heat asks us to balance with practices of stillness and observation.

When we go against nature we turn up the volume on internal heat. In summer many people who adore travel and the sun, will spend hours out in the heat, drinking lots of alcohol and caffeine (heating), running from place to place, eating tamasic and rajas foods (heavy and spicy) with little time to rest and rejuvenate in stillness.

Summer brings a spontaneity that takes us out of regular routine. What feels like fun and adventure, becomes a distraction from self care and grounding practices. We often choose social experiences over self nourishment. Before you know it, you are a ball of fire ready to implode!

This feeling of burnout leads to excessive pitta accumulation just like the dry qualities of nature we see around us at the end of summer. Wildfires burn and dry the ground and we too can feel this way. This burn out and dryness feels like anxiety in the body and mind.

Anxiety often kicks up this time of year when the season is transitioning from Pitta (Summer) to Vata (Fall). It can also be the case that other life changes are happening at the same time of year.

The accumulated heat along with overdoing & overcommitting that can often come with the summer months, leads to OVERwhelm. The summer months are actually for relaxing. When we overdo it without consistent self care practices, by the end of summer there can be a literal implosion.

There are practices that can reduce these issues and also assist you to recover.

Yet what’s most important is that we do not wait for the breakdown to add these practices. It’s so much harder that way.Things don’t have to be hard. We make them more difficult than necessary.

We cannot change what has already happened, but we can reflect on what has come to pass to teach us how to honor our true nature in order to feel balanced.

These are the top practices to support you in calming anxiety and staying balanced in all seasons.

If you are suffering from anxiety and burnout, practices such as these need to be a consistent, uninterrupted thread in your life.




*Time inNature


*Reiki / EnergyWork

*Avoid, eliminate or reduce caffeine, alcohol, processed sugar, spicy foods, recreational drugs and stimulants. These substances create significant heating qualities. When combined are sure to create experiences of burnout and overheating in the body and mind.

When this burnout and anxiety manifests, we feel confused, lost, unsure and overwhelmed. This experience can be avoided with consistent self care and understanding of how nature unfolds both within us and around us. Like the tree sees its reflection in the water, may you reflect on the stage of your growth to inform you of how to move forward as we prepare to transition to Fall.