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How Vedic Astrology Can Help Us to Live a More Fulfilling Life


The planets play an important role in our lives. Everything in a horoscope is predestined and will come to pass. At the same time, anything in a horoscope can be changed!

Is it destiny ? Or is it free will?


The answer is: Know Your Chart.

"Fix your Chart, Fix your Life." ~ David Hawthorne S.A. Vedic Astrologer

With a Systems Approach Vedic Astrology Reading you will learn 3 things:


  1. HOW are the planets operating in your chart

  2. WHEN will they can show their results

  3. WHAT you can do to improve your life

Once you have these answers, you can water the tree of your life.

As you practice the remedies and knowledge you receive from your reading, everything starts to get better. You will then experience an improvement in your mental and physical health, relationships with others, career, income, and spiritual growth. If you know these three things, then you can change your destiny. 

Life is not about luck. The chart shows us what is pre-destined. No matter how ideal your life is, or even how difficult.... trouble comes to us all. A Vedic Astrology reading can shed light on troubled areas and areas where there is growth possibilities and then offer twofold planetary remedies to:


  • Strengthen your favorable planets

  • Manage the planets causing adverse effects.


With Vedic Astrology we have the knowledge to help you navigate the difficult times and support you to come through it.


This is the purpose of Vedic Astrology. 

The moment I ordered my first Vedic Astrology reading things began to shift in my life. I was personally born with the two most malefic planets (Rahu & Ketu) sitting on my rising sign degree afflicting many of my planets. It explained so much of difficulty I had in my life up to that point and why I had the strength to persevere! 

It is said that an astrology reading alone will raise your consciousness level. One thing I know for sure is that raising your consciousness can heal you! Learning how to heal yourself ad begin self care practices to support your body, mind and spirit is so key to the process.


Astrological remedies will take you even further. One of the goals of System’s Approach to Vedic Astrology is to reduce hardships in life and enhance opportunities specific to your individual chart.  


The birth chart is a map of your karma. Through a Vedic Astrology reading with me, you can learn why this knowledge is such a valuable tool to help you navigate life.


You will see everything right there in your chart. Vedic Astrology is a Science. It’s not an esoteric healing art. It’s a science, which can be tested time and again to achieve the same results including precise and reliable answers. 

Are you looking for answers to help you navigate life and greater fulfillment?






Question: What is Vedic astrology and how is it different from Western astrology?

The word Vedic Astrology in India is known as Jyotisha. Jyotisha means the Divine Science of light on time and karma. So when we do a Vedic Astrology reading we shed light on the person’s horoscope.Vedic astrology is said to be more than 5,000 years old. It was originally written in Sanskrit, the mother of all languages. It predates Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Western astrology.  


It is based on the sidereal zodiac which takes into consideration the wobble of the Earth’s axis or what is known as “precession of the equinox”, unlike the Tropical Zodiac which is used by Western Astrologers and is based on a fixed position of the planets more than 2,000 years ago. 


So yes, this means the horoscope you’ve been reading in the newspapers and magazines will be different from what I would tell you, which may blow your mind a little but trust me, this is the real deal. 


The rising sign or your ascendant used by Vedic Astrologers is much more specific to you. It is based on the exact time, place (longitude and latitude), and date of your birth, not where the planets were 2,000 years ago! So If you were to ask an astronomer at the time of your birth what sign was ascending they would agree with the Vedic astrologer rather than the Western astrologer.


Question: How did you first become attracted to Vedic astrology?


I have always been interested in the mysteries of life that no one talks about in correlation to spiritual growth, nature and space. We are all part of nature. I first became interested in Vedic Astrology during my Ayurvedic practitioner training course. I was amazed by how accurate it was in relationship to my own chart. I also learned how it could assist me in assessing a clients Ayurvedic constitution and the lessons they came here to learn in life.


I decided that I needed to learn this knowledge so that I would not have to visit an astrologer every six to twelve months to know what was going on in my life.


Question: Would everyone benefit from astrology?


Yes! No one has a perfect chart or a perfect life. An astrology reading helps you to navigate the difficult moments. You will learn how to reduce problems and enhance strengths. You will be empowered to take control over difficult periods and with consistency you will feel the difference!


Vedic astrology was originally used by the kings, queens and royal persons of India. Every court had a Vedic Astrologer, which is why it is known as “Raj Vidya”, (kingly knowledge), an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and a Western doctor in their court.


Vedic astrololgy was used to help the kings know when to go to war, and when to stay home; when to plant crops, and when to arrange the marriage of their sons and daughters, etc.


The kings and queens also used precious gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, pearls, emeralds, corals and sapphires in their crowns, rings and pendants, to give them wisdom, courage, patience, health, strength, compassion and even longevity of life. With an astrology reading you can learn which gemstones are supportive to you and which you should not wear!


Question: How can the average person use Vedic astrology in their daily lives?


It is very helpful for us to know how the planets are operating in our charts. By knowing the true strength and weaknesses of the planets, we can understand where the obstructions have been coming from and then we can start to make adjustments to improve our lives.


Question: What kind of remedies does Vedic Astrology offer to improve lives?


There are basically two kinds of remedies:

  1. You can strengthen the benefic planets to add protective covering to your life.

  2. You can do charitable deeds to reduce the impact of the malefic planets.


With a Vedic Astrology reading you will receive a list of colors and gemstones that are beneficial for you to wear and those you should avoid.


You will also received detailed charities to give to from time to time to avoid and reduce life troubles.


You will also receive information on times of year and life periods to be aware of for navigating life overall as well as special events, travel, marriage, etc... 


Question: Can anyone learn Vedic astrology?


Yes. There are only four elements in astrology: 1. The houses. 2. The signs. 3. The planets. 4. The timing of events, or planetary periods.


See below for an online course to get started today!


Question: What do you say to those who do not believe in astrology, or to those who do not think astrology is really a science?


I do not need to debate with others on this topic. I discovered through my own reading and the knowledge I have learned about astrology, that my chart clearly reveals not only my qualities and life purpose, but actual life events, such as childhood trauma, parental divorce, separation in family life, spouse, career and difficulties for my children.


I also learned that many people in history have used astrology, including the famous psychologist, C.G. Jung, who wrote a well-published letter on the subject to the equally famous astrologer, Dr. B.V. Raman in India, confessing his confidential use of astrology for his most difficult cases and clients.


Personally, I have had amazing results with this knowledge. 


You know truth. when you discover it !


In my opinion, Vedic astrology is a divine science that ets you see into the past, the present, and what is possible in the future.


PLEASE NOTE:  The Systems’ Approach paradigm which I use for my readings is based on the empirical studies of the classical principles of Vedic astrology which is being studied and used by more than 800 Vedic astrologers worldwide.


Systems’ Approach to Vedic Astrology takes the guesswork, intuition, and confusion out of the horoscope reading to provide accurate, relevant, practical and replicable readings. You won't receive a contradictory reading from another Systems Approach Astrologer.

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