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Ayurveda (i″yur-va´dah) is a Sanskrit word meaning “The science, knowledge or truth of life”. It is a holistic approach to optimal health incorporating the elements of nature. We are all part of nature.  An Ayurvedic consultation can help you to understand how to live in harmony in our environment and with all those around us. Our physical bodies are intertwined and deeply connected to our emotional, mental and spiritual mind.  When our body and mind goes out of balance, often there is a root or underlying cause. As an Ayurvedic Counselor, I seek to determine where the imbalance originates, treating not the symptoms but the root cause.  This approach can alleviate symptoms and bring the body back into balance. This will be a personalized journey that begins with awareness and leads you to health, vitality and greater happiness in your life!


An Ayurvedic approach to health can help you accomplish the following:


  • Develop a simple daily plan to realize and maintain optimal health and longevity

  • Reduce stress and anxiety to feel balance and harmony in your life

  • Transform fatigue into abundant energy

  • Overcome insomnia to sleep soundly, waking rested and rejuvenated

  • Experience healthy digestion and metabolism to achieve and maintain your ideal weight

  • Discover your full potential and experience happiness in every aspect of your life!


Consultations will include:


1. Review your current state of well-being and related health history


2. Pulse analysis to confirm your Ayurvedic constitution.


3. Discussion of diet, lifestyle, daily routine and the relationship to your overall health.


  • Diet

  • Sleep quality and routine

  • Exercise Regime

  • Relationships

  • Unresolved emotional experiences

  • Fulfillment of life purpose & spirituality


4. Customize a daily routine to restore balance to meet your individualized needs.


5. Go deeper into healing as we delve into the “root” cause of imbalance.



Adopting a new daily health routine to bring the body into balance can happen through simple and positive changes. Through this knowledge and routine you will experience results quickly enjoying increased energy, alleviation of stress and an increase in health and immunity.  These results will motivate you to keep moving forward on this path to discovering your Inner Source!




Contact Kathy for pricing. 

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