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The lack of work-life balance can be very costly to individuals and families. Going into nature and spending time in quiet and contemplation is supportive. Yoga when it integrates breath, observation and attention can help us to balance on every level.


Breath is simply life. It is fundamental to the practice of yoga, bringing in new energy and exhaling air and energy we no longer need. This is rejuvenating and empowering for us and it affects every cell of the body. The breath expands our lungs and opens up our heart. At this time we need to let go of efforts and practices that do not serve us. Attention to the breath recharges our mindset and energy for life.




Repetition of healthy practices confirms change and intensifies what we want to experience. Time spent equates to credibility with oneself. For me, yoga practice increases my self-awareness, keeps me physically strong and mentally centered. The consistency and routine is undeniably essential to maintain optimal health.


One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to take honest stake of where you stand. Just like a business-taking inventory. Be who you are and where you are. What is calling to you ? What is the gap between how you wish to feeland where you stand currently in truth ? Where do you need improvement? Yoga is a powerful practice that supports us to bridge the gap of who we think we are and where we are evolving on every level.

“To thine own self be true”. The energy we share and manifest in yoga has the potential to create life long health and transform the collective consciousness.







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