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TRANSCEND YOUR WORRY In today's world, it's easy to get lost in an endless loop of worry and negative thoughts. So many people use the thinking mind to try and get unstuck. You listen to one podcast after another overfilling the mind with even more information. This adds to the stress pile, until the bucket of worries, self-criticism, and fear overflows. Inevitably, you drown in a sea of anxiety. Has this approach ever worked for you? If the answer is "no", it's time to begin a real a practice that offers relief. TRANSCEND YOUR WORRY will help you to break free from the repetitive and obsessive thinking that is causing your worry, stress, fear, and unhappiness. Using a powerful blend of breath work, somatic exploration, and effortless mantra mediation, you will learn how to surrender your thinking mind and discover a practice to welcome in presence, peace, joy, and self-compassion. ✨ Transform your relationship with your thoughts. ✨ Let Go of self-criticism and negativity. ✨ Learn practical everyday tools to relieve worry & fear. ✨ Reveal the freedom and the real YOU within.

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