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Community & support is an essential component for our spiritual growth. It's no fun to go it alone! In order to drop into Meditation and experience the benefits we need 3 things: 1. To understand and experience how to LET GO in the body and the mind. 2. Community to help support us, and stay accountable. 3. Consistent practice. We begin again Tuesday, November 1, 2022 ! THE GRACE OF GRATITUDE Daily gratitude combined with meditation can be one of the most powerful, inspiring and transcendental experiences. It will invite joy, balance, grace and ease into your life at a whole new level. Less than $1.00 a day for monthly members! The Inner Source monthly meditation group is a community where you can: ✨ Cultivate daily inner work ✨ Be inspired with daily quotes & monthly themes to support your daily practice and keep you accountable ✨Come together for monthly kick off meetings, meet group members & Q & A’s ✨ LIVE online group guided meditations 3 times each week. Group meditations help you to drop deeper into meditation. ✨Access to the Inner Source Heart-based Meditation Training Course ✨Receive distance Reiki each day of the month. ✨ Members discounted pricing to monthly in person gatherings ✨ Experience the support of a safe, loving, nourishing group of spiritual beings. All participants new to Heart-based Meditation are required to complete Day 1 & 2 of the Heart Based Meditation Online FREE Training Course.

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