Inner Source Heart-based Meditation Course

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Even if you have struggled with meditation before, you CAN learn a simple technique that works in harmony with the nature of your own mind. Heart-based Meditation goes inward to contact the source and go beyond all thought, feeling and sensation. Learn to meditate without having to use an audio app or guided program. We use a vibrational, energetic mantra as the vehicle to deliver the mind to the quiet. This personalized mantra that is given to you has no meaning, but instead holds a vibration by which we can effortlessly let go. The practice of Heart-based meditation will allow you to discover accelerated inner growth is possible NOW! This 4 week Heart-based Meditation training course consists of videos and daily reminders to support you each day to solidify a daily practice and have community support! The course is FREE, yet donations are appreciated. Links to donate are in the first and last modules. Thank you in advance for your consideration. We love having you as part of this group! We are certain this meditation, when practiced consistently, will be so transformative ! Enjoy the journey! With Love, Kathy

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