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SPRING Renewal for the Body, Mind & Soul

Spring is nature’s way of renewing itself and beginning again. The flowers are opening and the trees showing their buds. GROWTH of all living things is a natural process. It is how we are designed.

Pain, discomfort and imbalances arise when we resist growth. The pain, whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual shows up to teach us something, to protect us and most importantly to WAKE us up.

We are in a time of great AWAKENING...bringing into existence and awareness, that which was not there before. The process of awakening can present us with a challenge. The more awake and aware we become, the more we realize the pain and darkness we may have been avoiding. Don't back away. Pain arises to teach us something. The more we resist pain, the stronger it will become. Awareness will shine a light of love on those areas. Surrender and ask what are you here to teach me? Awaken to a new way of healing from the inside out. The answer is always within YOU.

Ayurveda encompasses the food body, the breath body and the higher spiritual self. One does not work without the other. Spring is the perfect time to renew the body, mind and soul with an Ayurvedic Cleanse. An Ayurvedic cleanse nourishes and detoxes through practices of self love, reducing the foods that are depleting us and adding foods with Prana (life-giving energy force).

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no need"

― Ayurvedic Proverb

This SPRING....

Welcome change and plant a seed for growth!

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