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Fall into Harmony with Nature

October is the month that officially begins Vata Season. The Fall winds are blowing, as the leaves are falling and crunching beneath our feet. The cool air reminds us to wear extra layers and keep the body warm. In Ayurveda we recommend to embrace these changes of the season and adjust your daily practices. Is your nose and throat feeling dry? Do your bones feel achy or your muscles tense? Maybe your skin is already showing signs of dryness, your mind feels overstressed and your body is often feeling cold. The change of season can be particularly stressful to vata types. An Ayurvedic cleanse, known as panchakarma can help to detox the body of toxins and imbalances to prepare the system for the fall and winter months. This deep healing, rejuvenating program is nourishing, lubricating and balancing to the body and mind. Consider joining the Inner Source Fall 2017 Ayurvedic Cleanse Program as prevention and preparation for the body to enjoy optimal health throughout the fall and winter months. *Tip of The month: When you are out to enjoy a nice dinner this fall, avoid drinking the ice water many restaurants will serve you prior to your meal. Opt instead for room temperature or warm water. Cold water can upset the stomach, create coldness internally and externally and put out your digestive fire which helps you to metabolize food.*

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